Severy Family Maple


Phillip and Adam Severy have always enjoyed the process of making maple syrup.  This is a tradition that has run in their family for generations.  Together as a family, they have teamed up to create Severy Family Maple LLC.  It is family run and located in the beautiful mountains of Shrewsbury, Vermont.  Together we strive to bring only the best maple syrup from our family to yours.

Below is a list of our products and prices.  If interested, please call or email us with your order and we will ship it right out to you!

Phone: 802-558-5958sugaring 007 049-2


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Severy Family Maple!


Gallon Jug: $58.00

1/2 Gallon Jug: $34.00

Quart Jug:  $19.00

Pint Jug:  $12.00

1/2 Pint Jug:  $7.00